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Granted Smiles

Happy senior woman with fresh crop from her garden

Here are just a few of the Smiles that have been Granted:

  • Trip to Canada for disabled son to reunite with his elderly Mother.
  • Dinette set for previously homeless senior starting a new life in a new apartment.
  • Custom fit prosthesis and bras for 20 year cancer survivor with breast mastectomy.
  • House cleaning for senior taking care of her sick husband.
  • Cat adoption for lonely senior from animal rescue.
  • Shopping sprees.
  • Maid Service (husband very ill and wife unable to do much herself)
  • Walker – (needed help to get around)
  • Recliner (needed a recliner to be able to rest with her legs up)
  • Gift Cards (senior volunteers)
  • Gift Cards – (senior volunteers )
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer (likes to bake and cook for others)
  • Vet BILL – (cancer survivor needed help with vet bill for her cat)
  • WIG – (Losing her hair and didn’t like going out in public)
  • Batteries for Scooter (only means of transportation)
  • Walker – (walker with a seat, needed to get around)
  • Debt Relief – (money given to family to help with needs)
  • Walker with seat and basket
  • 1-year gym membership for a senior
  • Convertor boxes and antennas for televisions
  • Trip to the East Coast to visit a relative
  • WII console with games for convalescent home
  • New baking supplies for a senior who enjoys baking for others
  • Two reclining lift chairs for an elderly couple
  • Senior wished to have her piano tuned – Azusa, CA
  • Senior received new curtains for her home – Azusa, CA
  • Senior granted a Security Lighting System – Duarte, CA
  • Senior granted a microwave after home restoration- Duarte, CA
  • Senior couple granted $500 for clothes for church – Claremont, CA
  • Queen for a Day: makeover and lunch with friends, Montclair, CA
  • Dodger Day: hospice patient bring 4 friends to baseball game – Duarte, CA
  • Video Library for Residents at several Facilities
  • TV/VCR w/ headset for hearing impaired assisted living resident – Monrovia, CA
  • Hospice Patient – Limo for 6 to Clifton’s Cafe, Longbeach, CA
  • 2 VCR/DVD Systems to 2 Skilled Nursing Facilities – West Covina, CA & San Bernardino, CA
  • TV and Stand – Fullterton Nursing Facility
  • New tires for a Grandma who transport s her grandchildren daily to school
  • Trip for 4 friends to San Francisco